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Hello! I’m Abby K and I wanted to thank you for visiting my site. I am an entrepreneur, lifestyle and fitness coach, and a striving Christian mother. My goal is to inspire and help others become balanced, healthier, and change their relationships with food so they can achieve their dreams.

Coming from the world of professional bodybuilding, personal training, and stringent dieting, I found myself in a regimented lifestyle of watching the clock, monitoring meals, and avoiding gatherings with friends and family because of years of food obsession. My life after bodybuilding needed a change, that being new passions, new hobbies, and balance. I began using that same work ethic, discipline, and focus that I developed in the gym and channeled it into becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I began as a trainer, studied to become a nutritionist, launched my own Tea Company, and then embarked on sharing out the first therapeutic exogenous ketones to the market.

Seeing so many women in the same position I once was in -measuring food, obsessive, and never feeling good enough – I decided to launch the Abby K Lifestyle to help women become their best self, to enjoy life, and celebrate who they are.

Like many women, I wear many hats, and that requires me to guard my time. I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with other busy women to help them gain focus, vision, simplicity, freedom, balance, and to Experience Better so you can #SeizeYourShine! ~ Abby K

Abby lives and works in Kansas City with her husband of 10 years and her 4-year-old daughter.

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