Stephanie Casella (Figure Competitor)

Stephanie Casella has been involved in the fitness industry for 12 years. She is a personal trainer and group fitness director with Golds Gym in Merriam, Kansas. Stephanie is a wife and mother to three very active kids. On top of her busy mothering and fitness career, she is actively pursuing a professional career as a national figure competitor. Stephanie is Abigail’s workout partner and is proud to be on team AbsRenewal.  Stephanie is passionate about health and fitness, and strives to reach each and every personal goal. Proverbs 31:17.

At the 2012 Southern States Classic in Liberty, MO, Steph won her IFPA Professional card as a Fitness Professional.

At the 2012 WBFF US Central Championships in Kansas City, Steph won the Fitness (Tall) division.








Emily Stolz (Bikini Competitor)

Emily Stolz
Marketing Director
Wichita, KS

“I want to compete because I come from a strong fitness background. My mother competed in figure competitions while we were growing up so I have always been around the clean eating, consistent training way of life. I have an BS in Health Promotion, and managed the group fitness program at our local gym for over 3 years after finishing school. Bikini and figure competitors always amazed me. I completed two Olympic distance triathlons and never could attain that ‘look’ I was seeing in the girls that actually competed. I knew I needed to learn their secret.

I started my Masters Degree and left the health club industry and decided to compete after I finished my MBA program. My first competition was the WBFF in May of 2011 and I competed in Fitness Universe Houston, TX. Again, even though I was happy with myself for competing I still had not reached the level I felt was necessary to place/win shows.

This is why I joined Team AbsRenewal because I wanted help getting myself to the competition level. Abigail’s diet was easy to follow and always tailored to my needs and lifestyle. Along with her posing routines and workouts I can not wait to see what this year brings for me when I step on stage for my next competition.”


Loni Molacek (Bikini Competitor)

“I decided to go after this dream of becoming a fitness bikini model because I wasn’t getting any younger 🙂 and I wanted to accomplish something nobody else has done among my family and friends. Last summer I made up my mind to get into Bikini fitness, but I was getting married soon and I knew it would be to difficult keep a strict diet. I spoke with my coach Abigail and we decided the best thing to do was to wait till after the first of the year to start my training. Once January 6th hit I was up and running with my diet and workout regimen and I’ve been at it since! There is no way I could do this without the awesome support system I have behind me which consists of my wonderful husband, coach, family, close friends and co-workers. They have all been wonderful and understanding throughout this amazing experience. My personal goal that I wanted to accomplish has changed some since the beginning and that was to just see what I was made of and to get through the 15 weeks, but now I want to at least place in a show and hopefully seek out a fitness spokesmodel opportunity for a nutrition line. If I could do my dream job it would be traveling the country and promoting fitness to everyone!! I can honestly say I love doing this! ”

At the 2012 Southern States Classic, Loni won the bikini division and was also crowned with the overall best presentation award.



Shay Hastings (Figure Competitor)

“My fitness journey began about fours years ago when I decided to join my friends and register for a marathon. After completing that race and many others, I realized there was more to the gym than that treadmill I had been spending so much time on. I saw the girls that were training for figure competition and was completely inspired by the first show I watched. I decided that night I would be on stage next year. I wanted to transform from the cardio junkie to a figure competitor. After realizing the work and knowledge it would take, I made the best decision for my training and hired Abigail Kluttz with AbsRenewal. She met with me right away, laid out a plan to get me to the stage and has been guiding me throughout the process. I can’t wait to show off our hard work!!”






Kristen Eck (Bikini Competitor)

“My name is Kristen Eck and I am a 22 year old, hairstylist/salon owner from Wichita, KS. I was a gymnast for ten years, I played volleyball, basketball, track and I cheerleaded all through highschool. After I stopped playing sports I needed to find another reason to keep me going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle. A close friend of mine came into the salon after just competing in the WBFF and recommended I train and compete in a show with her. Since then I was hooked! This same friend recommended me to Abigail and after meeting Abigail and seeing how real of a person she was and seeing how much she truely cared about each person was enough of a reason for me to want to have her coach me to MY first WBFF. Having people come to me for advice or just telling me I have inspired them to make a lifestyle change is a huge motivation for me to keep pushing and bettering myself each and every day!”