Training with Abigail (in the KC area, located at Snap Fitness at 151st and Murlen):         

  • $65 per training session or $55 for 10 sessions
  • $55 for group training session or $50 for 10 sessions
  • 3 or more people $40/session or $35 for 10 sessions

Training with AbsRenewal’s Miss Bikini Kansas Loni Molacek at Snap Fitness is $45 per training session.

Summer Boot Camp: Coming this May – Location and Times to be announced. Contact for details, slots will be limited.

Fitness Competitor Package:  $500 for 12 weeks out, price cut for weeks beyond, contact for details.

Absrenewal team is expanding all over the US.  We are excellent at online training.

  • Personal Coach to take you through the journey to the stage:  Abigail begins with tailoring for you an off-season bulking program  show selection, shredding diet, supplementation recommendations, T-walk and posing design, hair and make-up, tanning, suit, and back stage coaching the day of your competition
  • For girls in the KC area, you will train with Coach and IFPA Pro Stephanie Casella.  She can also do workout write ups for our out of town girls.

AbsRenewal Virtual Nutrition Training:

It is a known fact that 40-30-30, 60-20-20, no-carbs, low-carbs, calories-in/calories-out are outdated ways of thinking about nutrition.  I’m tired of hearing bad nutritional advice being passed around and competitor diets given out to the average person who wants more variety in their life.  Clients need a diet that they are actually motivated to follow and that will fit with their lifestyle.   The lack of knowledge and experience that is being placed behind the FAD diets that only work for a fraction of the population for a fraction of the time is not what you will get here.

  • Online Trainer fitness nutritionist (Includes your Meal plan, formulated by a cutting edge software program,  Recipes,  Weekly accountability, and unlimited online consults)  Meal plan will be made based on your personal measurements and calculated scientifically to bring you to your target weight and body fat percentage.
  • $300 for 6 week plan.  Maintenance $25/week .

AbsRenewal Starter Kit

The three supplements that come in the kit are an all natural Detox cleanse. Natural Cleanse is an all-natural, 24-hour detoxifying formula providing total cleansing support over a period of 10-days. (Natural Cleanse will rid your body of harmful toxins and backed-up fats and foods, detoxify the colon and restores it to regularity, and should be used 3-4 times per year for maximum health benefits.) The next product is my favorite …I can’t diet without it. Lean Core. ( Lean|Core targets stored brown fat cells around the waist, butt, hips, and thighs in women; and the waist, abs, and sides for men. Featuring Tonalin Lean|Core focuses on helping you lose those pesky inches around your core, and is one of those essential daily supplements to a healthy lifestyle.) And the 3rd is a 5lb bullet of my favorite Protein, a high pure quality grade of protein that supports lean muscle building and has digestive enzymes in it to help proper absorption of it’s nutritional muscle enhancing properties  . It comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry.

Modeling and Public Speaking: Please email with inquiries

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